There are ‘NO’ I.T. Projects, only Business Projects!

In Business today, technology has a major impact on business success. And yet, for many small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s), it can be a challenge to get technology to really work for the business.

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Todays Multinational, Business Technology enables SME's to compete from the coffee shop

Innovation: Evolutionary or Revolutionary

As the pace of technology progresses rapidly, it has become vital for CIOs and Business leaders to keep an eye out for transformative technologies that help increase efficiency, drive revenue, and much more. While much of the market calls cloud, consumerization and mobilitytransformative trends,” they’re equally characteristic of a larger movement around “comprehensive productivity.”

Businesses and their employees are searching for ways to remain connected, collaborate, and share data while simultaneously having complete access to their personal digital life. Consumerization is the trend driving the convergence of business and personal digital lives, but the trends of cloud computing and mobility are truly enabling consumerization.

Calm Response helps Companies define their Business Strategies to accommodate and build on these trends.

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What do we offer

Focused on working with Technology based Start-up’s, IT Service Providers and SMBs clients who want to future proof their Business, aligning Business Technology with Corporate Strategy and the changing WorkPlace.

Defining Technology Centric Strategies,which seek to amplify their business with solutions that go beyond tradition IT.

We identify new innovative digital technologies that address current Business operational requirements, the Changing Workplace and the new business capabilities that these Technologies make possible.

Resulting in technology becoming a source of contributing to innovation, a means for creating value and a comprehensive approach for driving revenue & ROI for our clients.

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The Current Trends

There are four trends that are 'Currently' radically changing enterprise IT as we know it. These trends are fundamentally changing the way that people work—creating new possibilities for improved productivity and efficiency while supporting a more flexible workstyle that better fits with today’s workers:

These “trends” are becoming real scenarios today for most enterprises, having a pronounced effect on how individuals work and how businesses compete. They are also increasingly a differentiator for recruiting and retaining the best talent, who expect to use the latest technology to do their jobs.

Cloud Services

The cloud is the backbone for a lot of the changes that we are seeing in technology in the enterprise today—it makes anywhere connectivity to internal resources much easier from all kinds of devices, and it provides the scalability and agility to support rapid deployment of new tools across a dispersed workforce.

All of the other trends are really enabled by the cloud, which is why it is seeing such rapid uptake and interest across our enterprise customers.


New mobile devices—from smartphones to tablets to ultra-portable laptops—combined with increasingly prevalent Wi-Fi and cellular data access let your employees stay connected from virtually anywhere.

By some estimates, more than a billion people will be using smartphones and tablets by 2016. Today’s workers are increasingly mobile and they need—and expect—to be able to choose the devices they will use and to have access from anywhere to the resources they need to do their jobs.
Social Business

Social is similarly redefining the workplace. Social networking sites have redefined how people connect and share with each other (particularly the millennial generation, who have never known a time without their mobile phones and computers).

That influence is spilling over into the workplace, and enterprises are seizing the opportunity to establish internal social tools that bring their people together in more natural ways.

Data, more than just Big Data

Data is everywhere thanks to the explosion in devices, the increase in digital sharing of content, and the tremendous scalability of the cloud. Data stores both inside and outside the enterprise are skyrocketing (up to 2.7 zettabytes in 2012!), and the opportunity for businesses today is to tap into those data stores and make them accessible in a way that will enable their people to get new insights and make informed, timely decisions that will drive the business forward.

What do we bring to the Table

Calm Response and You

  • Gain insight on your pressing IT needs
  • Master how to improve IT contribution for enterprise growth
  • Determine ways IT can contribute to improve Business competitiveness
  • Capitalize on innovation and investment opportunities
  • Create an action plan to cut IT costs
  • Align the strategic IT direction with your Business Strategy.
  • Vendor management experience
  • A solid understanding of IT governance.
  • Subject Matter Expert: Cloud.
  • Financial expertise.
  • Team leadership skills.
  • Experience with corporate ups and downs, in Large & Small Companies.
  • Exposure to external customers.
  • Proven ability to innovate.
  • Consulting experience.
  • Experience running a P&L.
  • Industry and geographic diversity
  • BC/DR
  • Security & Compliance regulations challenges
  • Data/privacy issues
  • Vendor Mergers and acquisitions
  • Redundancy in the Cloud
  • BYOD
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Open Cloud

...a respected thought leader in the world of cloud based managed services. While many IT providers are still talking about managed services, Calm Response has lived in this world for some time. Andrew has always been very generous sharing both his time knowledge, and good humour over the past 2 years that we have done business together. His understanding of technology and his ability to leverage IT services to create high value business solutions make him a highly trusted business colleague.

At Calm Response we always try to remember the following:

"Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow" – William Pollard.