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There are ‘NO’ I.T. Projects, only Business Projects!


In Business today, technology has a major impact on business success. And yet, for many small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s), it can be a challenge to get technology to really work for the business.

Calm Response are 100% focused on working with, Technology based Start-up’s, IT Service Providers and SMBs, clients who want to future proof their Business, aligning “Business Technology” with Corporate Strategy and the changing Workplace.

Strategy and Business Technology

In other words:

Calm Response help SMB’s Identify and Implement the Digital Technologies that revolutionize the way they work, connect, engage and communicate.

Calm Response Vision & Roadmap

In much the same way that a CFO (Finance Director) role is different from that of an Accountant, our role is different from that of an IT Manager emphasizing the Strategic and Future Direction, rather than looking at the day to day, however, this is backed up by experience at the coal face – implementing software and hardware and managing IT Departments.

Calm Response can help you:

  • Gain insight on your pressing IT needs
  • Master how to improve IT contribution for enterprise growth
  • Determine ways IT can contribute to improve Business competitiveness
  • Capitalize on innovation and investment opportunities
  • Create an action plan to cut IT costs
  • Align the strategic IT direction with your Business Strategy.

How Calm Response work. By focusing on ‘defined business projects’, we offer high quality professionalism to companies but with the flexibility that works best for the engaged client, whether than means on Consultancy or on an Interim basis.

News, IT Trends and Fresh Business Perspectives from Calm Response

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